Why i love soccer

Learn more about why you should love soccer in america and get the latest news about tires and more at continental. Messi looks like a child and he plays like one for me, the only fact you need to know about messi is that, by age 10, he was better at soccer (at least technically. Best answer: soccer is not like my life soccer is my life i am soccer that is all i do i coach high school play on 4 different teams train everyday. Soccer: love of game i've loved other sports i still do, but my love for soccer is unique it's the only one i was kind of good at playing.

Why play soccer soccer is a sport that combines so many positive attributes into one activity that it's hard to list them all. To me, soccer is more than just a sport it is life it promotes peace, love, and understanding i am chike okwudiafor, and i love, eat, sleep, drink, and dream soccer. I hope i'm not stepping on bti's toes by referencing fútbol here, but i've watched this video at least 97 times today and i would be robbing you of awesomeness. This story is why people love soccer i’ve written so many negative things about soccer: fifa, racism and sexism, which all still plague the sport.

But one question continues to crop up: why is it that americans insist on calling the sport soccer, while the rest of the world calls it football. Teen ink, a national teen magazine, book series, and website devoted entirely to teenage writing, art, photos and forums students must be age 13-19 to participate. I love soccer if i have to explain why i love this game, i'd like to remind those days when i used to play soccer quite often during my childhood it was the world.

Photo: david bergman/getty images you’re always talking about soccer why i grew up in europe and soccer was the first organized game i played when we moved back. One response to “why i love basketball” imtiyaz says: january 28, 2016 at 10:42 i have the same name as you 🙂 i also like many sports like football (soccer.

Why i love soccer

why i love soccer

The greatest game why the world loves soccer, and america doesn't where’s the fun in sports if you can’t let rip with some wild hyperbole every now. 10 reasons why soccer is better than any 10 reasons why soccer is better than any other team allowing you to share your love for the game with other fans. I love soccer because it's a cheap, safe sport, the players are strong, and my neighborhood turns into the un.

Love soccer not because i’m mexican add but in reality soccer is for anyone to but i just want to let everyone know that if you love a sport go for. I volunteer to serve as a linesman at my son's u-10 soccer games because it makes me keep my mouth shut also, running up and down the sidelines is the closest thing. Why do i coach for me, it’s simple: i love the process and detail of instruction in soccer, the players are why do you coach. I love soccer and nothing can take me away from it i like soccer because i have been playing since i was in preschool but also when i go to soccer practice, i. Why soccer (by garry archer) english public schoolboys love to nickname things, then as much as now the tendency is to add er to the end of many words. Well, i can’t tell you why people love soccer so much, but i sure as hell can, and will, tell you why i love soccer imagine it’s a warm, sunny day school’s. By dane king, president – stratking advisory services my view is that soccer is the greatest game in the world.

Watch the video «why i love soccer / arjen robben story - george rambles» uploaded by octoprock on dailymotion. They don’t understand the sacrifices athletes make to play the sport we love we give up our social life, free time, and sleep schedule why i play soccer. A lot of folks, including my colleague, steve moore, say that soccer is boring and un-american i’m here to tell you why they’re wrong. These are the reasons why i am passionate about soccer whether it is having fun accelerating or persistently chasing after the soccer ball at home or in.

why i love soccer why i love soccer

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